Welcome to Rockwood!

The Kiwanis Club of Rockwood has been serving the Rockwood for over fifty years! We are neighbors and friends volunteering together to make Rockwood a great place to raise children. ALL are welcome! Come lend your voice as we  re-imagine future of our club!

We are SUPER psyched about the Kiwanis Club of Rockwood’s BIG 2020 plans!

First up will be the February I ❤️ ROCKWOOD Winter Light Adventure. Up to 200 Rockwood children and families will share a meal and then take chartered buses to downtown Portland’s Annual Winter Light Festival. Local artist work year-round to make this a spectacular event. (Made possible by generous sponsorships.)

Planning has begun for the August, 2020 I ❤️ ROCKWOOD FESTIVAL (check out our event website!). This is the signature annual event of the Kiwanis Club of Rockwood. It requires a ton of support, goodwill, and generosity to pull off. Building on the 2019 festival’s success the 2020 effort promises to be awesome! Check out the video below.


From Rockwood With ❤️ Winter Food-Drive: While we have plenty of needs right here in Rockwood, we believe that a portion of our efforts should be more regionally focused. Back in 2007 a catastrophic flood devastated the small coastal-range community of Vernonia, Oregon. Since that event, our club has joined with other local clubs in coming together for an annual food-drive to support the needy in Vernonia. It’s truly awesome what we can do when we come together as a community.

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